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We have vetted many companies to bring you the best quality full spectrum tincture available on the market today.  Tinctures are the most popular form of CBD oil.  Ingredients, quality, and extraction process are important factors to consider.  Why take a chance and test several different companies yourself?  We have spent our time and invested our money to purchase from all of the top suppliers in America.

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Anyone can say they make the best creams or balms.  Combining CBD oil with the right natural essential oils and extracts is what you want in a high quality topical.  After testing many different balms, creams, and serums, we narrowed it down to our one top rated topical cbd oil provider.

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When using tinctures, it can be tough to measure the dosage.  Taking CBD oil capsules are a lot more convenient.  It is hard to find a reputable company that manufactures a high quality full spectrum cbd oil extract in tinctures and capsules.  We have done the research for you to bring you top rated hemp cbd oil capsules.

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Vaping CBD oil can be a daunting task.  Should you buy the cartridges and batteries separate?  Should you buy disposable vape pens?  Should you fill your own cartridges?  What ingredients should you stay away from?  How many MG of CBD should be contained in each cartridge?  We explain why we chose our top rated cbd vape company.

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When it comes to edibles, taste, ingredients and quality are important factors.  Don't take a chance and test several different companies yourself.  We have spent our time and invested our money to purchase from all of the top suppliers in America.

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A lot of companies who manufacture full spectrum CBD oil also create a separate line of oils specifically for cats and dogs.  Our research found that you are better off using the same CBD oil us humans use for your pets.  Explore our top rated products for pets.

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After spending several months searching for the highest quality, highest potency CBD bath bomb on the market, we found Life Elements Bath Bombs.  They have a whopping 200mg in their bath bombs, and you can get them here with our fast free shipping when you spend more than $50.

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We want to provide our customers with only the highest quality lab tested full spectrum CBD available.  Our goal is to be a trusted source for hemp products online.  We spent the time to research and find the best products, so you don't have to.


Several years ago, my uncle was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.  I knew traditional medicine and chemotherapy alone would not be able to save him.  A friend of the family recommended adding CBD oil.  Lot's of time was spent testing different oils, reading about and researching several dozen companies.  I then narrowed it down to one company.  Throughout this process, I was fascinated by all of the positive feedback people were having from using CBD oil.  However, not all CBD oil is equal.  I flew to Colorado for a tour of Pure Kind Botanicals manufacturing facility.  I was extremely impressed. It was then that I decided to start a new venture and invest in the CBD oil business.  I was able to getwholesale pricing for my uncle and several other family members who were suffering from ailments such as insomnia, chronic back pain, and arthritis.  I started getting more traffic on my web site.  Somehow people were finding us and calling us with many questions.  I started to read everything I could related to Hemp and Cannabinoids.  My uncle did not have enough fight left in him and passed away shortly after discovering CBD.  I wish we discovered CBD earlier.  I truly believe in the powerful cancer killing agents from Cannabidiol.

Fast forward two years, there are new CBD oil companies popping up every day.  So, how do you know you are getting a high quality CBD oil?  As an early investor in CBD oil, I am bringing all of my research and knowledge to you.  I hope it helps with your decision making.  Whether or not you buy from us, I encourage you do your research.  In an unregulated market, you get what you pay for.  Thank you for considering our company.

Best Regards,

John Thomas, Founder

~I dedicate this site to my uncle Thomas.~

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