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There are so many hemp and CBD products on the market, that it can be difficult to know where to start. To make matters more confusing, the quality and purity of products varies massively. This can be a huge barrier that prevents people from trying CBD and getting the help that they need.

The truth is, it’s essential to use the best CBD possible in order to bring about the maximum benefits. You should always choose quality over cost.  That’s why we have done all of the leg work to bring you the very best CBD products that money can buy.

We use a unique 5-factor rating based on ingredients, extraction process, cost, overall quality and reputation of the company. The rating system ensures we only work with proven suppliers who deliver the highest grade of verified CBD. None of the products we sell have psychoactive effects, but all of them are packed with natural ingredients and useful cannabinoids.

So far, only one brand from each product category has passed our test. We can vouch for every single product that we sell, so you know you are always buying CBD that you can trust. Here’s a rundown of the three companies whose products we supply:

Pure Kind Botanicals – CBD Tinctures and Capsules

When it comes to CBD oil and CBD capsules, Pure Kind Botanicals are the only brand we sell They use a combination of organic produce and ingenious extraction process, which makes them one of the best suppliers of oil in the world.

The Colorado-based company use only organic-grown hemp, which they use to create full-spectrum CBD extracts that contain dozens of active cannabinoids. This creates an entourage effect, in which the cannabinoids work in harmony to bring about additional relief.

The extraction process used is very clean. The slow and gentle ethanol extraction uses no butane or fossil fuels, and is known to be one of the smoothest possible. This preserves the cannabinoids and flavor profiles of the terpenes, resulting in a beautiful tasting CBD oil that is pure, potent and completely clean.

CBD oils from Pure Kind Botanicals are fully natural. Tinctures are made using MCT from organic coconuts, meaning you don’t have to worry about additives. We know that this is extremely important to our customers, many of who want to avoid harsh chemicals.

We are proud to offer Pure Kind Botanical CBD oil ranging from 250mg to 3000mg. We also offer CBD capsules from Pure Kind Botanical. They are available in 25mg capsules, and the full jar contains 750mg of CBD in total. Capsules contain the same top quality full-spectrum CBD oil, but some people find the capsules easier and more precise to measure and take.

Life Elements – Topicals and Bath Bombs

When searching for CBD skin care products, we wanted to find a company that are full of love. We found it with Life Elements. Started by Martha Van Inwegen, a woman with a long lineage of natural healing, Life Elements create stunning CBD products in-house, which make the perfect gift for others or treat for you.

The Life Elements skin care range consists of the CBD and Honey collection. The Ache and Pain Relief sticks are perfect for achy muscles and stiff joints, while keeping skin healthy and happy. The Everyday Skin Care sticks are great for regular use to help keep the skin moisturised and looking youthful. It also works really well for bug bites and irritations.

The Life Elements CBD Bath Bomb is about as luxurious as you can get, and it’s really potent too at 200mg of CBD per bomb. Drop it in a hot bath, jump in and slip into instant relaxation. The bath bomb gives you a deep tissue massage like you’ve never had it before, and we cannot recommend it enough.

All Life Elements products are made using organic full-spectrum hemp from Colorado. They are full of cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids and naturally boosting ingredients. We wouldn’t shop anywhere else for CBD skin care.


CDDistillery is a Colorado-based company who are committed to the CBD movement. We chose them for their high-quality, outdoor-grown organic CBD hemp oil, which they use to create a range of unique and enjoyable products. Their focus on education and research shows that their hearts are in the right place, and the CBD vapes and edibles speak for themselves when it comes to purity and strength.

The vape oil from CBDistillery contains only pure and natural ingredients, including no glycol or vegetable glycerine. Tec Temper includes terpenes that offer anti-oxidants and anti-irritants without impacting the flavor of our end product, and plant-based terpenes give the distinctive flavours that range from grape to strawberry lemonade. With no harmful chemicals, and instant results from the 200mg strength CBD, these products ensure a clean and pleasant vaping experience.

We have also included CBDistillery edibles in our range. The Gummies contain 30mg per CBD for each capsule. The night time capsules also contain Melatonin to aid rest and sleep. Many people prefer edibles as a way of taking a regulated dose easily, and we can safely say that these CBD Gummies are top quality and a great potency.

Our Promise

All of the suppliers that we work with, and any that we add in the future, all pass our 5-factor rating test. They are independently validated by us as offering the top of the range product for their respective category. At TopRatedHemp we encourage you to do your research, but you can rest assured that we have picked the best of the best. Have a look around, and then come back to us and join the CBD revolution!

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